Who Is Tracking U?

When you visit a web page, your browser voluntarily sends information about its configuration, such as available fonts, browser type, and add-ons. If this combination of information is unique, it may be possible to identify and track you without using cookies. EFF created a Tool called Panopticlick to test your browser to see how unique it is.

Human Hacking-How to’s and What to Do to Mitigate it!

How hackers are using social networks (i.e., cell phones, Facebook, etc.) to fend them off (https://bit.ly/2DVVjDP). What most of us need to know is that we, the end user, are the weakest link. What can you do to avoid being hacked-you need to read the aforementioned article.

Amazon Product Review legit or not?

You may want to check out this site https://reviewmeta.com/ to confirm whether or not the product review you just read is accurate.  The aforementioned site provides you with a second opinion. Might just want to check it out this shopping season.